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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique often referred to as EFT, or tapping, was created by Gary Craig. EFT uses the ancient Chinese system of energy circuits called meridians which are used in acupuncture. During EFT sessions, I will give you step by step instructions using a reminder phrase while you tap on specific acupuncture points in a sequence focusing on the issue we are working on. The next step, is to repeat the tapping sequence, while repeating a positive affirmation. 

EFT can be used for physical and emotional healing and is often used to eliminate unhealthy habits, fears, pain, allergies, trauma, and so much more. While chiropractors, and therapists often use EFT in caring for their patients, EFT is easy to learn and easy to use. 

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Trauma Release Exercises

Trauma Release Exercises were created by international trauma expert, David Berceli. Trauma Release Exercises are a physiological process not a psychological process involving two steps: We begin with simple stretching exercises to release tension from the muscles caused by exposure to prolonged stressful situations or sudden trauma. The release of tension in the muscles in the body causes a release of anxiety from the mind.

The second step is to allow the body to shake from neurogenic tremors while in a lying position on a yoga mat. This natural shaking of the body releases tension and stress from the sacrum to the cranium. 

TRE restores a natural balance to the neurological, biochemical and anatomical systems of the body so that these systems can work together harmoniously. 

Physical therapists, chiropractors, and therapists use TRE in their practices to improve their client’s health and well-being. My intent is to offer TRE workshops once a month. TRE is easy to learn for those who are interested in ongoing self-care. 


  • Better Sleep

  • Reduced stress, worry, anxiety

  • Reduced anger reactivity

  • Reduced muscle tension and back pain

  • Greater resiliency and optimism



Moderate strength, agility, and balance is required for the exercises in this class. Please wear comfortable exercise clothing that allows for full range of motion and bring a yoga mat.

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DNA Activation

The purpose of the DNA activations is to activate the multi-strands is to create a physical , mental and spiritual detoxification, enhanced healing and purification allowing for a greater level of psychic and spiritual abilities. Detoxifications of old patterning and heightened sense of awareness, better sleep. Increased ability to love self and others, improvement in overall heath, greater understanding of the nature of our own mind. Increased peace and sense of well-being.

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Meditation Instruction

Meditation Instruction

I practice and teach various types of meditation including Vipassana meditation which was taught to me by Thai Buddhist meditation master; Maha Wilert almost 30 years ago. I will provide step by step coaching and support for issues that may arise during walking and sitting meditation. Additionally, I have additionally received meditation instruction from Tibetan Buddhist monks and indigenous native healers from various tribes.

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Reiki Atunements

Reiki is a system of natural healing using universal life energy and symbols to run energy through the body, objects, environment, events and situations founded by Makao Usui. I experienced my first reiki treatment from my aunt who was a reiki master around 1995. I was so amazed at the results that I then became a reiki practitioner and master teacher soon afterward under her guidance. 

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Death + Dying

I offer last blessing services with compassion and sensitivity. My experiences are rooted in my years of observing my own family traditions of assisting those in transition with intuitiveness and wisdom. I have also been blessed with the guidance of Thai, Lao, and Tibetan Buddhist monks in regards to how best to support those in the process of death and dying with compassion.

With respect for all religions and spiritual traditions, my goal is to get out of the way of myself to be there for those in transition as well as their families and loved ones as they are in the process of dying, in the moment of death in the weeks, months, and years to follow.

I offer prayers and assistance with spiritual guidance with respect to individual beliefs and cultures. Years ago, when I asked Lao Buddhist monks how best to help a dying uncle, they advised, to help a dying person, help them to be as happy and peaceful as possible.

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Ancestral Clearing Ceremony/

Forgiveness Practice

In our journey to become one with all creation, we must learn how to merge with the Light, Mother Earth, our ancestors, four directions, left and right side of the brain, male and female, and conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. This forgiveness practice allows us to individually and collectively remove karmic obstacles and obstructions to enhance our spiritual evolution and open our ability to receive blessings.

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Shamanic Journeys

I have been offering guided shamanic journeys since I returned to California in 1995. The purpose of these journeys is to enhance overall well-being, promote healing, clarity, and remove obstacles and energy blockages. The time needed for each session is approximately thirty minutes sometimes longer so please make sure you have plenty of time to relax and enjoy. 

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Retrieving Our Power Healing Session

As we move through life, we may have found ourselves in situations or environments where others make demands or impose on us such as a boss, a partner, a family member, or someone else in the community.  As they begin to make demands on us, we feel gradually like they are siphoning our power away from us. Perhaps it is  a memory of a traumatic event that lingers on. 

These are the people and/or events that have our power. Over time we find ourselves feeling debilitated and obstructed, walking through life with our attention and power fragmented.  It is time to bring back all those parts of yourself, to purify and heal them so you can be fully present and empowered to do what it is that you came here to do.

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