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Dr. Casey Rogers, D.C.

I have been working with Ahuilitzli for the past few years and have definitely noticed an increase in my overall vitality and happiness levels after a healing session. Ahuilitzli has been showing me emotional freedom technique (EFT). We have worked together on issues from insomnia to reducing stress. I always notice a reduction in symptoms after a session. 


She brings a level of love, compassion and empathy to any room that she is in. She is a wonderful health care provider who would put any patient at ease. I can not say enough positive things about this woman. She is a blessing to those who work with her. 

Anthony Beck

Whenever I have participated in any healing work with Ahuilitzli, she has provided thorough background information on the techniques she is using, including the sources of wisdom she integrates into her practice. She details what a particular technique is good for and why she is using it, then performs her work in a way that is professional, tailored to the subject’s needs, and well presented. It is clear to me that Ahuilitzli is very knowledgeable and skilled in her work. 


Through my work with Ahuilitzli, I have been able to release trauma, and take greater agency in my own continued healing.l I have been put in contact with grounding sources of energy that help me maintain joy, even in a suffering world, and I have learned techniques that I continue to practice and benefit from. 

Onethia Yemonja Riley

I am providing this letter of recommendation to those who will have the opportunity to receive healing from Ahuilitzli Mejia. I am a long time resident of Sacramento, California and have always been interested in the possible benefits of non-Western healing techniques and preparation of medicines. 

Ahulitzli Mejia has considerable knowledge of several healing modalities. I have been very fortunate to have received healing from her. Mejia provides meticulous guidance as well as clarity in learning the methods. Ahuilitzli Mejia is a gentle and benevolent teacher. Offering carefully considered instruction and compassionate encouragement. The level of expertise Ahuilitzli Mejia possesses in healing techniques expands from Reiki, trauma release, meditation, as well as the use of indigenous herbs for healing of trauma and physical illness. 

I have been immensely grateful for the wisdom and generosity Ahuilitzli Mejia employs as her techniques have definitely helped me to heal my trauma and anxiety. I have also been impressed by her ability to provide impactful healing to others when I have witnessed the results of the process on others well during group sessions. 

I am confident that the combined stellar character and qualifications of Ahuilitzli Mejia will enhance any sincere or meaningful efforts to provide healing to communities seeking it. 

Onethia Yemonja Riley


Irina Beffa

I have been receiving healing from Ahulitlizi for over a year. I’ve had EFT sessions with Ahuilitzli in both group and one on one settings. The more I do EFT with her, the more access I have to it’s instant effects and benefits. I have done sessions both in person and via video chat with Ahulitlizi and I have not felt any difference in their impact. Sessions with her are calming and instantly grounding and empowering. Consistency whenever possible is immensely helpful, as with any healing practice. 


I have also participated in Ancestral Healing and Forgiveness Practice with Ahulitzli. I am a Romanian immigrant with deep connections to my culture, and exploring my culture’s pagan roots is a big part of my own spirituality. However, we are European white people and as someone raised mostly in the US I’ve benefited immensely from white privilege. How do white people connect with their ancestors when their ancestors are problematic? I am honored to have been guided by Ahuilitzli on this complicated journey that involves humility, acknowledgment, asking for forgiveness, and love. 

Ahuilitzli's years of practice are evident in sessions with her. She incorporates healing techniques from the many paths she’s traveled, and is intuitive and compassionate in all of her sessions. My anxiety has improved tremendously from my work with Ahulitzli, which in turn improves my executive functioning. I am grateful for her healing practice and highly recommend her services. 

Rach Niikanj-Misako Pitts

Ahuilitzli is kindness personified. She possess such warmth and compassion that it permeates all acts of her healing practice. That combined with her own strength and resilience embodied in her warrior spirit make her the ideal healer. Her own pain makes her such an empathetic and understanding person, you feel safe and comforted in her care. I have had the privilege of experiencing the emotional freedom technique, trauma release therapy, reiki attunement, and guided astral projection. All these therapies have helped me to process trauma and reconnect to my own ancestral gifts. I found the trauma release therapy especially impactful as I could physically feel emotional pain leave my body. I haven't had much success with talk therapy so this was such a relief. Experiencing reiki healing was a game changer and such a spiritual cleanse. I highly recommend any of Ahuilitzli as one of the best healers and carers out there.

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